Eco-friendly promotional products not only promote your business, but also show your social awareness and caring for the community. For retailers, manufacturers and corporations, doing the right thing saves a huge amount of resources. In today's cultural landscape, doing the right thing will increase sales and promote new busines opportunities.

Below are some of the eco-firendly green promotional products available in the market. Please call us at 604-638-7137 or email for more infromationn and additional options.

Recycled Promotional Paper Products

memo cubes, notebooks, busness cards, flyers, brochures, etc.

Recycled, Organic, Biodegradable Promotional Bags

Tote bags, shopping bags, garment bags, backpacks, etc. Help Canada reach its goal of a 50% reduction in plastic bag usage over the next 5 years by promoting your business in one of these environmentally friendly bags.

Recycled, Biodegradable Promotional Writing Instruments

Corn plastic pens,recycled pens, recycled pencils, etc.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Light Powered watch that does not require a battery change, saving millions of replacement batteries every year.

Natural Fibers, Recycled Fabrics Promotional Apparel

T-shirts, Ladies T-s, Golf shirts, jackets, fleece, pants, performance wear, etc.

Hand Powered Products with no batteries required

Wind-up flashlights, radios, chargers, etc.

Recycled, Biodegradable Drinkware

Mugs, paper cups, biodegradable plastic cups, etc .

Other Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Golf Tees, paper napkins, air refreshners, etc.